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Colin Walker

I have heard of smith predictors used to control multi-element complex processes. Can any one describe them for me? Are they just a form of feedforward? Where can I find information on them? Regards Colin WALKER
Basically the Smith Predictor is a predicitive controller that requires an accurate model of the process. It is effective in controlling processes with very large dead time. Essentially 2 models are created. One of the complete process and one of the process without the dead time. The controller output is routed to the real process as well as the 2 models. By combining the output process variables from the real process and the 2 models of the process, the PID controller can be "fooled" into controlling what appears to be a process without dead time. It works fine if the dead time doesn't change. Len Klochek Seneca College

anandh balasubramaninan

Simth predictor control is a method by which dead time in the process can be eliminated. good books like : chemical process control by stephanapolous and Digital control by MV Desphande are good books. This method was invented by Smith but does not come into lime light till the digital world came after that this the most sought after method for Dead time control.

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