Smitsvonk Pilot Ignitor - No flame produced


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Hi everyone,

I'm having problem with a Smitsvonk made ignitor which is used for boiler operation. The type is 54PVD13/1600/400/V5E and the fuel used is natural gas. It is a new ignitor and was functioning well during the first start up. however it fails during subsequent start whereby there is no flame detected. I have physically taken out the ignitor and serviced it i.e. clean the nozzle and the filter, cleaned the spark plugs (there is 3 spark plugs). I have also tested the unit and there was spark produced, but once I put the unit back in service, it fails to produce flame. I have 6 units of same ignitors for this boiler and only this ignitor failed on second start. Appreciate advice from Control users on what else could be checked. Thank you.

If you have spark and not flame, maybe you have problem with the fuel/air relation. I don't know Smitsvonk ignitors but this can be the problem.

Hi J.P.,

when I first tested the ignitor, we had 60% of air damper open with all the other ignitors (5 units) in operation. We then reduced the opening of the damper to start up condition (about 10%) and tested again but still we couldn't get the flame. Now I'm planning to change the unit completely, but I'm doing it without knowing the root cause of the failure, so even with new ignitor it may not work.