SMS thru Honeywell's Alarm Management Server


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We have an Alarm Management Server (AMS) as a node on ESVT Ethernet Network.

I have a GSM Modem tested using Hyper Terminal for sending a SMS using standard MODEM commands.

I wish to integrate the two (AMS & GSM MODEM) for sending SMS whenever an Alarm/Alert is generated.

The Alarm Management Server's documentation describes that there is an inbuilt Paging utility in AMS for paging Alarms and Alerts.

Has anyone here tried to configure the Paging Utility of AMS for sending SMS using a GSM Modem or any other interface?

Honeywell's response is to purchase an additional software. There's a huge cost implication here. Since there is already a paging utility inbuilt, I thought to use this utility for sending SMS cheaply and save some money for my company :).

Any thoughts on this will be a great help.

Thanks and regards in adv