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Stefano Galli

We have a project where to integrate SNMP Data in an HMI-System (WinCc). We think about using a SNMP-OPC Server. I know IndustrialNetworking
and Obermeier Software have such products. Are there any others ? Does anyone have expierence to use this Servers together with Siemens
WinCC ?
Hi Stefano,

Phoenix Contact also have an SNMP/OPC-Gateway with a very comfortable way of configuring. It is part of the Product family FactoryLine. I know, that it works together with WinCC.
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I have had good experiences with the gateway software from Obermeier. We used it with iconics genesis32 and lantronix units. It is very easy to configure. Guess, it will also work with Siemens WinCC.

- Jorge
I'm using Phoenix Contact software and it's a licensed OPC. As long as u have an OPC Client this will work.
Also Citect HMI System have the SNMP Driver in the software list.
It's easier to us, konfigure and play!!
If you really want to use an SNMP OPC Server with SIEMENS WinCC I would rather use SIEMENS SNMP OPC Server.

I agree. Why not stick with one product. You may pay a little more or maybe not, but at least if it doesn't work you only have one phone call. I doubt very seriously that all the SNMP OPC server companies touted in this thread know WinCC or for that matter any other SCADA package.
If you haven't looked at the Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Gateway products recently you might want to take another look. With version 3.0 Obermeier now has a family of products focused on integrating non-IT systems to and from the IT world.

- The OPC SNMP Enterprise Agent (eAgent) enables the integration between non-IT systems and SNMP management systems.
- The SNMP OPC Server integrates SNMP manageable devices, such as managed switches, and UPSes into the HMI of automation systems, allowing the system operator to consider the infrastructure as an integral part of the automation solution.

If you are interested in more details about the SNMP OPC Gateway family of products we have developed several PowerPoints describing product features. They are Web viewable on The S4 Group Web site at You might also want to take a look at the presentation on The S4 Group home page discussing the value proposition for enterprise integration.

Both products can be downloaded from our web site and will run in a 2-hour demo mode until purchased. We also have a growing library of Device Profiles for the SNMP OPC Server. These are downloadable for free.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these products or our associated services.


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