Socomec Analyzer Protocol

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Tolga Celtekligil

What kind of protocol is supported by the energy analyzer SOCOMEC. Is it Modbus-RTU?????

Hakan Ozevin

Dear Tolga, It must be Modbus, but I am not sure about it. You can contact your local representative, Gulboy Muhendislik (Tel: 2580810). Call for Mr. Recep Gulboy, who is a friend of mine. Best regards, Hakan Ozevin

Alastair Fordyce

Yes, the Socomec DIRIS series of power meters use Modbus/ JBus communications protocol over a RS485 link. Some of the data addresses change between model types so it pays to refer to the manual for the particular model you are using. Also the power meters can be supplied with or without a communications interface fitted. The interface is available for retrofitting to existing power meters. Have a look at Regards, Alastair Fordyce TM.IPENZ, REA, NZCE,CQA Systems Engineer Bremca Industries Limited PO Box 7169 Christchurch NEW ZEALAND tel +64 (3) 332 6370 fax +64 (3) 332 6377 e-mail [email protected]