sodium instrumentation


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Liquid sodium is used for transfering heat of one system to other. Does anyone know about instrumentation for sodium applications?


Anthony Kerstens

Sodium melts at just shy of 100 degC, and it's quite reactive.

You might look into instrumentation for sanitary applications, stainless steel, NEMA 4X. For safety reasons, I would imagine that threaded fittings would be a bad thing. You wouldn't want traces of solidified sodium around when pipes are disassembled.

A tri-clover (sanitary) fittings may fit the bill, however, you would need to perform experiments of the reactivity of various gaskets. I've had good luck with Viton in mild reactive solutions. I can't imagine any gasket material that liquid sodium wouldn't react with.

For curiosities sake, why would sodium be used for heat transfer, and in what application????

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.