Soft PLC

Soft PLC is nothing but the software used for writing instructions in the PLC, you can find some programs in in the users group, u have to login, u can create one.


Rodrigo Reyes

After the developement of PLC technologies regarding the requirements of real time controls , some manufacturers of control systems use the concept soft PLC to call the fulfillment of the specifications using other technologies where they are not realized through hardware (nor system software) but with software. i.e. PC with not real time systems are programmed to run real time automation tasks.

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A "Soft" PLC is PLC-like software running on a generic (e.g., personal computer) hardware platform and a generic, real-time operating system (e.g., Windos NT, 2000, XP, Linus, etc.), in conjunction with an industrial I/O bus (adapter on the "Soft PLC" platform, network and field I/O modules).

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