Soft Starter and Motor Protection in one unit?


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Hesham Abdulla

I have an application where we want to use soft starter and provide the necessary motor protection. There are number of products in the market that perform each function. My question however, Is it possible to have one unit that will do both? Is it technically possible?

Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano


Allen Bradley are offerring a Soft Starter with a built In motor protection system the SMC Dialog Plus, I'am the one responsible for the Power Products Training and Commissioning back when I was with AB Tech Support here in the Philippines and we have installed a lot of SMC at differrent Companies like Goodyear, Nestle, Bristol Myers, and other more try to contact your local AB support they might give you a demo actually we have a Demo unit comparing Full Voltage, Y Delta, Autotrans, and other RVS system againts the SMC of AB on a Pump Control that we usually bring in to demonstrate the unit beleive me it's very amusing if you need more info you can contact me on this

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Derrick Stableford

Another manufacurer is saftronics ltd of Huddersfield, England.

I cant remember their site name currently, but having used them. They are easier to set up than an SMC unit and cheaper.