Soft Starter Output Voltage

I have noted on 2 Nos. soft starters (1 No. Danfoss compact soft starter 30 kW and 1 No. Solcon 132 kW) that there is output voltage 400V when there is no start signal order. However, the motor does not start. Only when the start order is active, the motor start.

In the Solcon Manual, i noted this warning '
''When the RVS-DN is connected to mains full voltage may appear on the
RVS-DN’s output terminals and motor’s terminals, even if control
voltage is disconnected and motor is stopped. ''

Does someone have an explanation?

Secondly, on a Solcon soft starter, there is an alarm Wrong Connection at startup. We checked the motor and cable, both are ok. If someone has experience with solcon, an advice to resolve this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks
Some soft starters only have thyristors in two out of the three phases, this is probably why full phase to earth voltage appears on the motor terminals with the motor stopped.
For the second part, how is the soft starter wired to the motor? Does the wiring match the CONNECTION TYPE parameter in the soft starter? If you need more help post a drawing showing power wiring to motor and soft starter.