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Mark L. Goldstein

I have an application where I am trying to control an ASi network from an Allen-Bradley Softlogix controller, via Ethernet to ASi.

The application would replace an existing SAT CAN based network with an ASi network. The control is provided using an Allen-Bradley softlogix controller (PC based control). Allen-Bradley has advised me that the new version of the Softlogix controller will be able to control Ethernet IP protocol, but I really need to control across the Ethernet network to an ASi network. The client already has sufficient EtherNet capacity to tie in the ASi converter.

I am looking at doing this by either of two methods, either using an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix rack with an AB Ethernet card and a third party ASi card. The second method would use an EtherNet to ASi converter module without needing any Allen-Bradley parts. The converter uses Modbus protocol and might not work with the new version of Softlogix.

I have looked at doing this application using DeviceNet to ASi modules but the client already has plenty of EtherNet cabling running thoughout the plant and wants to minimize the amount of new cabling. The problem seems to be that RSLinx supports only EtherNet messaging not EtherNet i/o.

I could possibly look at writing a driver to run on RSlinx, but would prefer an out of the box solution.

Does anyone have an idea?

Check out the company "SST" in Quebec.
(Also Prologic)

option 1 - install SST Profibus card in Allen Bradley rack. map to binary file(B) for I/O
Run Profibus ( twist pair shielded) to your ASI master in the field. ( Siemens Link 20 or Siemens ET200M with CP_ASi card)

option 2 -SST Gateway using whatever protocol in and out you want.

option 3 - purchase an ASI master scanner card that plugs into a PC. (Siemens et al)

option 4 - Use ASi repeaters to increase range to you do not need Ethernet to reach the field. Run ASi cable to the field ( Siemens ASi repeaters)

option 5- Use the Siemens C7 platform

The siemens C7 is a small PLC and HMI graphics screen combined in a flat panel page. it is offered with an option with integrated ASi interface. Add a small expansion rack and add in the CP343 ethernet card TCP IP and you can use OPC to collect data.

Option 1 is not Ethernet but Profibus is a great network to consider for industrial control. check out WWW.PROFIBUS.COM to see all the products available. Also see



You have 2 options from HILSCHER - GMBH

1] PCI slot mounted card for ASI interface

2] ASI to Etherner/IP converter.

Select whichever is more suitable for your

You can avoid AB Rack.