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I would like to know the details of the application of softstarters in refrigeration and airconditioning. thank you

Hakan Ozevin

There is nothing special for softstarters in A/C applications. You limit the starting current of the motor not to affect your whole power system (transformer, swithgear, fuses, etc) from overcurrent. The only problem of softstartes is in the applications which do need such over current (i.e. high starting torque, like in mixers). This is not a problem in A/C, since the starting torque demand of the load is zero in fans. In refrigeration pumps, starting torque demand is limited to 2-2.5 times of the nominal torque, so there is no problem again. You can check the softstarter advantages regardless of your case. However, variable speed drive usage gives extra benefits in your applications, thus I suggest to check them. You can check danfoss for example. They have a web site including articles about the subject. Hakan Ozevin
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