Software, etc. for SLC150 PLC


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Ken Penge

Hello List
I am looking for the software,manuals,and programming cables for a
I have one job for which I need the software to verify that the program
matches the documentation I received.
I do not wish to buy a new software package from AB for a one time 5
minute use.
Any suggestions or leads would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Ken,

Welcome to one of the sore (expensive) points of the business ;o)
Programmers have to buy their tools just like any other occupation.

I think there was a discussion here before about how it would be nice to be able to pay for software based on how much you use it. I don't think this will happen any time soon though. If you really only need to use it once, I agree that the initial cost would be outrageous. Once you've purchased it though, you may find uses for it in the future, which will continue to offset the cost. If you still feel that it would be a waste of money, perhaps it would be cheaper to hire someone, who already owns the software, to stop by and extract the program from the SLC. Then have them print out a hardcopy for your reference. Where are you located, maybe one of the list members could help out here? In the long run, it would probably be beneficial to own your own copy of the software, since you'll probably find some part of the program that you'd like to change or improve. Consider future work too. Owning the software would put you in the position of that person you had to hire. Note: Make sure that the software you buy supports
that old SLC150.

Have you approached the customer with the possibility of THEM purchasing the software? You use it to get the equipment running, and they keep the software for their machine. Another avenue would be to suggest that the customer upgrade the PLC. The 150 is outdated and AB won't support it much longer. See about getting a discount on upgrades. I haven't used AB stuff in a while, and still haven't upgraded beyond the DOS-based APS!! (No.... you can't have it! <grin>) Check with AB to see if they offer any demo software that has a limited runtime.
Might get you through your project.

Good luck!,

- Eric Nelson
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Packaging Associates Automation Inc. [email protected]
Rockaway, NJ, USA

Rich Anderson

Hi Ken, you have a real problem there. I am sure you could "borrow" the
software from someone, but I have to bring up the license issue. I don't
think that it is allowed to "rent" the software to someone else. To do it
"legally" you would have to buy the software yourself, or hire someone to
come in and "do it" for you. I don't think it would be in accordance with
the license agreement for me to send you the software and cable, for you to
use it, and then have you send it back to me. However, you could buy the
software from someone who isn't using it any more. I also suppose you could
buy it from someone for say $1000 and then after you are done, you could
sell it back for say $950. But then, some lawyer would probably say you just
rented it for $50 with a $950 refundable deposit.

just my thoughts

Rich Anderson

Steve Preslin

Try your local AB Distributor, they generally have applications engineers
that have what you are looking for. If they won't lend it to you, you may
be able to buy an hour of their time ($125.00). It's still cheaper than
buying all of the stuff.

Steve Preslin