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Ronald Kiens

Is there somebody who can help me out with a software package with download cable and programming book for a Cegelec PLC tyP GEM80
I need this for a project on a ship.

Neil Whatley

There are a number of software packages for the venerable GEM80 PLC (it's been around a long time).

I have a copy of a couple of these programs - depending on the particular PLC you may need a 20mA converter.

Note: The current owners of the product range are Alstom (previously Cegelec and before that GEC).

I once tried to sell a Fix32 SCADA system onto a GEM80 based engine management system on the QE2 - nothing ever came of it - it was a nice couple of days on board though.

If you have more information about the PLC type I will try to assist.
I have inherited a GEM 80 system with no programmer. I do have backups of the software and I was looking for a program that would allow online status and changes.

Do you have any ideas or comments on the software that is available? I have contacted Alstom direct, but have gotten no response yet.


Richard Turner

There have been a number of programmers available for the GEM 80 system. There is apparently a new programmer due out during the summer. Currently the best programmer would be the ATS Universal GEM programmer (UGP)available from Advanced Technical Software. This is an updated version of the dedicated system programmer originally produced by GEC for the GEM 80. It is a DOS based program but lets you do everyhing you neeed to do on a PLC. There are a number of companies calling themselves ATS the correct address I beleive is:


If you are unable to get a response from Alstom and you have any queries regarding GEM 80 we would be glad to help you, you can contact us via our web site at "":

Derrick Bulmer

Hello Jim

there is a piece of software called "GPP" Gem projects programmer. It is sold by GEC/Alstom/Alsthom etc etc.

It uses a dongle for protection.

If you are still struggling I can let you have a couple of phone numbers to try.

It will do all you want but its DOS based, it will run in a DOS window under 95/98.

derrick bulmer

Andrew Copeland

There is a new programmer for the Gem80 range. It is called the "AGP" Advance Gem Programmer package. There are two versions the standard and professional both can run on 98, 2000 & XP

Should you wish to obtain further information on this or the new Gem80-500 controller please contact ALSTOM directly

[email protected]
Andrew Copeland
Gem80 Support