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Kirk S. Hegwood

Hello all,

I know new programming work and the pricing thereof has been covered before, but I am wondering about pricing for rework or replacement of archaic systems. In particular, I have a customer that wishes to replace a Modicon 484 with approx. 256 digital input/output points with an AB SLC 500 rack. I don't know of any software converters (other than the ten finger kind) and
the documentation does not appear to be up to date. As there anyone with particular experience for pricing points and positive/negative points?

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Kirk S. Hegwood
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If you have documentation of the 484 program a possible process for conversion would be to scan and ocr the Modicon program, use normal text editor search and replace functions to convert modicon program statements to A_B plc statements, then use the ascii import functions of A_B/Rockwell plc software. I know the 6200 software supports ascii import/export plc program.

Let me know how it works out.

Good Luck

Dan Miller