Software Redundancy in S7-300


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hosein zomorodi

Hi List,
I'm envolved in PLC configuration for a chemical plant having proces slow rate changes, which guide me to select "software redundancy" for PLC configuration. Meanwhile our process have 31 closed loop control also and I wanted to select PID module (FM 355C) for this purpose, but this module is not mentioned in the "suitable modues for ET200M distributed I/O" in the related Manual from Siemens (download from siemens website with name: SWR_e), so I'm confused whether this module can be used or not (using AI and AO module instead).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Linnell, Tim

We can do multiple control loops distributed on Profibus - one advantage of these is that the loops will work even if the PLC is offline. If you want to know more, let me know where you are geographically, and I'll have someone contact you.

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Tim Linnell (Eurotherm Controls)

Omer Bin Abdul Aziz

Why don't you use the soft PID controllers for S7300? That way you don't have to use FM355C modules. You can use the 318-2DP processor in this case.