Software to calculate effeciency of induction motors


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I've been doing some research about Induction motors and I want to know some software that can calculate the efficiency of induction motors.

hello:))) i am studying electrical engineering in tehran university (in IRAN). i'm looking for any free software about machines; including induction motors, dc machines, transformer, 3 phase transformers, etc.., for example anything that calculate resistance of coiling etc. so plz help me and send any thing related to [email protected] thanks alot:_) Ehsan

Andres Gorenberg

Ask the Siemens People in your country the latest version of software MASTERSAVE That´s what you need -. Ciao AG Argentina
Dear friend You can contact Mr. Milind Chittawar, Nagpur, India on [email protected] for the software to calculate efficiency of induction motors. The name of the software is See-UtiSave. It also evaluates transformers, DG sets, lighting, pumps, fans, RAC, transformers etc. I hope this will definitely helps you. Hari Kumar