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(TECO) David Bergeron

Is anyone aware of software to monitor and log any changes made to a system like deleting, adding, or changing files?

Software like this would be great to help determine why a system that you left working is no longer working a few weeks later.

David Bergeron, P.E.
Thompson Equipment Co.

Dean Kindrai

Check out Total Control Products fxManager. It is a client/server software that performs version control on any Windows registered program. You could use it for PLC programs, Word documents, AutoCAD drawings and so on. These files are kept in a hidden area, and it can be protected to prevent someone from bypassing the system.

It requires that a user "check out" a file, then "check in" that file when they are done. It does version control, and creates a paper trail (for things like ISO) of who checked out which program when. In addition, you can apply a password/security level scheme, allowing different levels of access (read only, for example).

That being said, it does NOT prevent someone from connecting directly to a PLC and making changes. Certain PLC's (Modicon, for example) have a "compare" feature in the software that can be manually run.

This packages integrates with Allen Bradley and Modicon programming softwares to do compares. You could, for example, have the software go out on a network and compare all your current Modicon PLC programs against master databases. Any differences could be shown in a report.

Dean Kindrai,
Neff Engineering of WI

Diana Bouchard

Check out CVS (Concurrent Versions System) at

Diana Bouchard

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probably a good "event logger" built into the system will satisfy your need. The event logger are generally designed from a diagnostics point of view.


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Phillip O'Meley

Taylor Industrial Software (Edmonton, Canada) had a product called SecureWorx. You may wish to contact them to see if it is still available.

Phill O'Meley

Bill Szuminski

Total Control Products has a software system called Frameworx. It will log and alarm on additions, changes and unauthorized logins. It will do not only PLC files but you can setup AutoCAD and other types of engineering doc's.