Software to program a Modicon 884 PLC


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Daniel Jefferies

I have recently had the priviledge of supporting a Modicon 884 PLC. I had to borrow someones laptop to gain access to some ancient software
in order to reprogram the PLC. The software was Taylor software Rev. 207 with 884 support I think.
I'm interested to know if this software package is still available for purchase and if not what other packages are out there that support
this old dog.

Thanks in advance

Daniel Jefferies
Software Designer
Industrial Systems Design
As you might not be aware, Schneider Electric purchased ProWorx software for Modicon controllers from Taylor.

I would suggest contacting 1-800-468-5342 (Modicon Tech Support)

Jeff Gustafson

Dear Daniel,
Yes there are some of us that still work on these faithful beasts. The software I use is this:

Ladder Logic Development system
Version 2.07
(C) 1987 - 1991 N.R.Taylor Engineering Ltd
Taylor Industrial Software
(403) 482-7547

If you need help let me know.