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Can anybody help me to find out the simulation software for Automatic Control System that is available.

Thank you.

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

For Siemens PLC's and VME see a product called Simit.

See also a product called PICS from SSTechnology.

Donald Pittendrigh

Ranjan Acharya

It depends on whose PLC you are using. OEMs and other vendors all make simulation software for various PLCs.

Please provide more information, I am sure that someone on the list has simulated your exact PLC / HMI / SCADA system before.


Diana Bouchard

You might be interested in VisSim from Visual Solutions Inc. (

Diana Bouchard

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Jacek Reiner

See TrySim (
it simulates a machine or process and PLC (Step7)
(unfortunately only the German version as demo is available)

Have fun

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Darold Woodward

I have excellent results using a product called PICs that used to (and still may be) offered by SSTechnologies. It was a programmable simulation package that connected to the PLC's remote I/O port. I programmed in simulations of motors, pumps, flows, valves, etc. and tested my PLC programming. Then I used the completed PLC and simulation to test out the HMI. We were able to train operators in our office using the actual control software and HMI system, but in an off-line environment that was much less intimidating than training on a live system.

One drawback of this system is that you will embed your own assumptions in the simulation. For example, if the motor control circuit or equipment with a manufacturer's control panel operates differently in the field, you will still
end up troubleshooting and modfying your PLC software. The test/training concept does, however, drastically reduce the on-site commissioning time.

Darold Woodward PE
SEL Inc.
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Olivier Mulliez

To simulate the process, you can use simac, in this software you would not have to write code to simulate the processes, you just have to decribe the process.
Mathlab from mathworks is the first example of an
excellent tool for simulating a control system. Don't forget to get it with simulink. It even has a code generation moduce that can make code and ability to interface to hardware via C programming.

Otherwise Labview from national instrument is alright too, as you can also use it to implement the system.