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My first post, please be gentle.

I connected my Solaredge inverter via RJ45 to my router and enabled Modbus communication on the inverter.

On my PC using Homeseer 3 software and a Modbus plugin I selected the IP address of the inverter and I am able to read various pieces of data. The connection stays awake as long as I poll more often than every two minutes, so for now I poll every 90 seconds.

I set polling to start at sunrise and stop at sunset. Shortly after sunset the inverter goes into night mode and all is well.

In the morning I enable polling but the software will not connect to the inverter until I press a radio button that says "Test". As soon as that happens, polling begins and continues until sundown.

At this point I believe I need a script that will press the "Test" button to get things going, but I have no idea if this is even possible. Or for that matter what is keeping communication from beginning.

Can anyone help?