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Dear friends,

I need help for configuring solatron flow computer 1510 ISS-4.70, Instromet turbine gas flow transmitter is terminated with pressure TX and RTD previous trending shows

corrected volumetric flow approx: 2,500 m3/hr
Mass flow above 40,000 kg/hr
Pressure 21 bar
Temperature 40 C

Now temperature & pressure is ok, but corrected volumetric flow rate is 350 and mass flow is 16500. i assume that i have loose the previous config of flow computer. now which parameter need to be changed to get correct volumetric flow? while k factor is 1535.17 and density is PTZ2-B. for me flow meter frequency is ok which is between 140 to 160 Hz

best regards
Ashique Ali
> corrected volumetric flow calculation from indicated volumetric flow in solatrom flow computer

Are you configuring via the front panel or using FC CONFIG?

If you can get FC Config this will allow you to save the configuration to a PC and reload it if things go wrong.

Do you not have a record of the original configuration some where?

Was it configured By Solartron for you (as part of the purchase order) or did you configure it yourselves?

Note that in the configuration there is both a meter factor and a k factor. The meter factor is usually the calibration meter factor from the flow meter calibration data sheet and the "k factor" is a user multiplier...... so far as I recall, and should be 1 as a default. This is a common feature in Solartron configurations as it allows the user to retain the original calibration data as supplied while making adjustments via such multipliers.

But it is important to go through all the configuration steps using the wizard as it is not enough simply to set up the inputs, you also have to configure the calculation locks so they know what inputs to look for.

I seem to have all sorts of software versions available to me except the version you have. The best I can suggest therefore is to download a manual from the Emerson/Micromotion website and to contact Les Hancock, Emerson support engineer via linkedin as he is probably the best resource for this or Tony Wright, at Emerson who is the support manager. Both will prove very helpful to you.
Dear Mr. JMW

Thanks for your information

yes i am trying to configure via the front panel and the problem is that i don't have last modified record and option loose config created this problem while i have meter factor and K factor record.
As per your advise i have sent invitation request from linked in to Mr.Les Hancock and Mr. Tony Wright and if you have other contact details of these gentlemen pls share with me. my email id is [email protected].

i have downloaded the manual and tried and achieved 60% results while the standard flow and compressibility is showing wrong.

I believe if i get little bit help i can make this happen

best regards

I think the contact details I gave are probably going to get you to them but just in case:

Tony Wright:

tony.wright(at) (replace (at) with @)

I don't have Les's up to date Emerson email I'm afraid. You might try Les.Hancock(at) as that is the typical format.

Either one will help you out and can supply you with FC Config (a free program) and the necessary Man and MNU files to go with it if you tell them your software issue etc.

I'm afraid that what you have is a common enough problem and probably quite widespread.

The software for many flow computers probably gives similar problems from various manufacturers. The electronics are a common hardware platform but there is a library of applications the software must support. This includes gas and liquid density, viscosity and flow computers. And for each of them there are various different application configurations.

Now imagine that some of them started life in earlier hardware platforms with different code and that instead of re-writing the programs they were simply "translated" and ported across and that rather than support a host of different software suites, they try and maintain as few discrete programs as possible but allow each one to support a range of different configurations.... is it gas or liquid?, if gas, PTZ or density? how many inputs and what are they? Orifice plate, turbine, PD, mass flow? which inputs are used for which sensors? and so on.

This is a configuration nightmare for any user for whom this is one instrument among many. The "Wizards" are supposed to help with the configuration process and the manuals but frankly most people still find it a challenge.

When questioned, it was thought that a significant proportion of applications where the client bought the sensors and electronics but did not buy any configuration or commissioning help, that many operate below their true potential.

In competitive quoting sales probably didn't quote for commissioning for a lot of reasons and service usually won't give it away for free so clients end up trying to configure a complex software program with which they are not familiar from a manual that covers too many different applications and many settle for simply getting the system working and do not necessarily get it working the way it should.... and once they have ordered the equipment find they don't have a budget to go back after the event for commissioning. (This doesn't have to be site commissioning but can be factory commissioned)

However, I would suggest that at this stage you will find Les or Tony very helpful and far more familiar with this software than I am.

I would suggest that what you want first is a copy of FC Config so you can communicate with the flow computer from your PC. Once that is up and running you can save a configuration file and email this to Les who can then probably email back a corrected file. This you then download into the flow computer and also save for any future problems. If they need any extra data they will ask for it but they will want serial numbers or order references for the original equipment supply.

PS there are some places on the internet where you can find copies of FC CONFIG eg here:

Or you can try here (a bit of a hassle to find it)

this might get you started while you establish contacts...

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