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Amr Elaguizy

Hi List,
I have an application that requires a soldered relay to a board. The relay will energize from a 90VDC armature voltage, the relay auxiliary
contacts rated for 10 Ampere, although the continuos amps probably will be less than 1 Ampere. The other option is an input from a small PLC (the application will not need more than 10 discrete digital I/O)that is able to handle that voltage, which I did not find. I know there is din
mount or panel mount relays that could handle this voltage but they are either to bulky or the cost is to excessive.Prefer either a USA made
product or a product made by a company that has distrubution outlets in the USA.
Thank you in advance,
Amr Elaguizy
PS: the information flow within this group is great, thanks to all .

Curt Wuollet

Hi Amr:

If you've got room, you could simply use a 24 or 48 volt relay that is the size you want and
use a series resistor to handle the excess voltage. R=E/I For example a 48 volt 100 ma.
coil would require a 400 ohm resistor to run at 90 volts. 40/.1 = 400. The 40 volts is the
excess to be dropped across the resistor. The power rating for the resistor is ExI or 40
watts. Real numbers will probably be smaller than this as small 48 volt coils typically
draw less than 100 ma. The resistor could be mounted remotely.

Hope this helps

Curt Wuollet,

Hamlin, James E

PC Board mounted relay.

Armature/coil voltage of 90 VDC is unusual. Most seem to operate from 24 (max) to 48 (max), although there are some that work from 60 or 110 VDC. Contact ratings from 10 to 16 amps. Try the
Siemens (Potter & Brumfield) units, type T7x or RT series.