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what are the basic conditions that suits for
accurate solid flow measurement (iron oxide lumps and pellets) tons per hour using single/dual idlers in conveyor having inclinations?

Parag Bhadra

One clarification. Do you just need to messure the mass flowrate or do you need to feed it in a controlled manner.

For just weighing you need to use a belt weigher & for controlled feeding you
need a weigh belt feeder.

The critical points to consider are as follows.
1. Expected flow rate range. This normally defines the size of the feeder / belt required.
2. Particle size. Coarse material requires wider belts and clearances.
3. Moisture in material. Some sort of calibration / compensation would be required if you have high moisture in the material.

Basic Conditions would be
1. Flat section of belt.
2. Even flow
3. If material is very coarse and the belt is sparse loaded then some sort of accumulation would be required to eliminate momentary peaks.

It would be more helpful if you give further details.

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First let me know what you want to do.That is only meayrement or contoll the flow.IF for measurement you can go to belt weigher if for controlled flow you can go for weigh feeder,
For the belt weigher you require a convyer atleast 10 mts lengrh.In that conveyor you can fix a device called belt weigher in that one loadcell will be fixed and top of that two sets of ro;;ers will be placed with suitable structruals.This device will only measure tje follow.
The weighfeeder means that the beltcovyers(Need not be same length as such belt weigher) with loadcell fitted in one idler and the conveyor will have the variable speed drive(either AC or DC)
If you want any furthere information contact me.