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Can anybody guide me about the type of level measurement to be used for measuring the solid level measurement (powder form) in RFCCU application.
I hope, for fresh catalyst level measurement non contact methods are good. Laser type of level measurement is proven in this kind of dusty environment. Ultrasonic type level measurement is also widely used for this application. Air purge type (back pressure) level transmitters are another option in this environment.

But in the spent & equilibrium type catalyst hopper, I think temperature of the medium is a concern. We are using Plumb-bob type level measurement system for this application. I think laser type also work in this environment. But I'm not sure.

Major vendors like magnetrol, K-tek, seojin instech etc offers various ranges of products for this application. I think laser type from K-Tek is worth to mention here, as they claim it offers superior performance & good PTR in dusty environment.

In addition to the many good methods Rajeeb mentioned another method is to weigh the hopper with load cells.

Ismail Ahmad

We have been using rope type radar transmitter to measure level inside hopper. The medium is urea granules (solid). So far we have no problem until now. Previously we have been using cone type radar transmitter, however we have problem whereby the dust stick to the radar 'eye' and so it gave wrong level indication.


Khalid Mehmood

I read ur post, U did not mentioned the problem ur facing. Please mention this for Convienence.


Jon Buchanan

Radiometric level instrumentation is used at many refineries on RFCCU applications. The instrument is outside the vessel, thus the high temperature is not a problem. If you would like more information, please give me a call at 865-483-1488, or visit our website at .
I want to know the contact details of Major vendors like magnetrol, K-tek, seojin instech etc, those offers various ranges of level transmitter required for catalyst hopper where temperature is 450 deg C.

R K Gupta