Solid-State Hard Drives

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Michal Casterline

I would be interested in hearing from anyone with experince in applying flash drives in pc-based control applications.

I particularly want to hear about compatibility issues, good bad & indifferent.

Michal Casterline

Crucius, Wesley

Sandisk makes Flash drives with IDE interfaces. Plug 'em in and they just work, extremely well. I've used them in place of conventional drives in high vibration/shock environments had had great success. Cost/size was a big issue a few years ago, but I'd guess that is going away. I paid 500USD for 80MB drives just a few years ago, but that has changed... At the time, I was running OS9000 so an 80MB drive was only 25% filled by the OS and my control code.
I have used many IDE style flash drives. They have usually been compatible,
but we have found motherboards that would not work with them. You have to
go into the BIOS and turn off LBA addressing.

I recently tried the DiskOnChip style and it worked after a little bit of
BIOS tweaking also.

The PC does boot and load programs faster with flash also.

I highly recommend them. I have only used smaller drives, however, such as
16 and 32 meg.

Bill Sturm

Stefan de Medici


I was just surfing for info on solid state hard drives and came across this tread.

You may be interested to know that there is a company that specializes in solid state storge.
Their QikDrive ranges in size from 512MB through to 8GB. What's more is they just slot into a free PCI slot. Here is a link if your


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