Solid state relays with 4-20 milliamps control input signal

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Dear Automation list,
Does anyone know of a company that manufactures Din Rail mountable Solid state relays of up to 100 amps, with a 4-20 milliamps input control signal?

Thanks in advance Ken Edmonds

Johan Bengtsson

Why do you want a relay with a analog control signal? Do you want it to turn on at an adjustable moment during an AC-line phase or do you want it to do PWM for you
Most relays is either on or off and nothing between that but PWM is one way of "solving" that (it is still either on or off) another is to use a triac and turn it on after a while each time the AC-line it is connected to passes zero.
(PWM will work for both DC and AC, but not all solid state relays handle DC...)

I don't have a direct answer of a supplier but if it is neither of these things you want then I think you have to tell the rest of us what it really is you want. If it is this things you want someone else will probably give you the name of a supplier.

/Johan Bengtsson

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Daniel Boudreault


I didn't even know that they made those analog ssr.
I did a little checkin' and found one in my Allied Electronics catalog. Carlo Gavazzi makes one but theirs only goes up to 50A w/ 4-20ma analog input. Crydom makes one but their's only goes up to 90A w/ 2-10v analog input.

You might have to use a signal converter that takes in the analog input and convert it to a pwm dc output to drive a readily available 3- 30 vdc descrete input ssr.

Dan B.
Check I believe they have a new product which is SSR (even for three phase) with analog control, but not very sure whether it goes up to 100amp.

Daniel T. Dyke

You might try omron. I know that GM uses pwm circuits to control shift feel. I checked the relay that I have and it's omron but it is the wrong specs. GM uses alot of omron relays for out put controls. Try them out.