Some advice for a newbie looking to enter the oil & gas or mining industries


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I'm looking for some advice regarding software, hardware and skills needed specifically for oil & gas or mining. (I am interested in this industry as I consider working outside and traveling to remote places as highly desirable in my job)

I have a year of Uni physics, chem & maths. I have a background in cobol programming. I am anticipating doing a year diploma in electronics & control systems. I am already in my 30s and am not looking to go do a degree in electronics.

So far I have the idea that I need the following skills for this industry:

1. Electronics/electrical knowledge
2. MS server/networking knowledge
3. Ladder logic programming
4. Wireless communications hardware skills??

The following have been recommended so far:
allen bradley, siemens, scitech

I'm finding it hard to understand exactly what to choose as there are so many vendors, software suites etc etc

Any comments ideas advice warnings MUCH appreciated.