SOS! Is it possible to measure wind under the following condition


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Hi there,

Is it possible to measure wind by an averaging pitot tube flowmeter under following condition:
1. media : air
2. flow velocity: 70 cfm
3. the media's pressure : 8" wc
4. the media's temperature: 35 degree
5. the pipe diameter: 12"

Because my colleague told me that the DP is too small to measure.

If the pitot tube can't measure, is there any other flowmeter can measure it?


Michael Griffith

depending on your required accuracy and budget, you could use a vortex or Coriolis meter. (at 12" I suspect Coriolis would be pricey). E+H, Rosemount, and others can supply this and usually can supply reasonably good engineering support.
Try looking at a thermal mass flow meter. Kurtz has one and so do others. These are usually insertion probes and can be hot-tapped into pipes. Moisture in the air could be a problem but the manufacturer would be able to guide you there. These will be less expensive than Vortex and Coriolis.

Have fun

Rohit Chandak

Hi Cecilia,

I run the flow calculation to note that DP is too low to be measured. Coriolis & Vortex won't also help on such low velocity application. If you just want a monitor the flow / velocity without much of the accuracy concern than look at Kurz Thermal Mass Flow Meter which has capability to even read close to '0' but do not expect good accurate measurement.

I personally don't see any other solution for this application.

Best Regards,
Rohit Chandak