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Rahul Sharma

We are a group of amateur engineers trying to fly a small aircraft... Pilotless... I am looking for a low cost simple gyroscope with a DC/AC signal output which we can interface with our electronic circuitry... Suggestions invited. Idea obviously is to measure the Pitch, Yaw and Roll of the craft... Any other cheaper & simpler solutions are welcome...

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Curt Wuollet

I'm not too keen on helping with inertial guidance systems during a state of war.


Model helicopters use a very cheap gyro and control system to control rotation about the main rotor axis, rudder input from the pilot is the setpoint-SP, the output goes to the tail rotor-CV, the gyro measures the actual direction-PV. You could use three of these systems to do the 3 axis that you want. They are compact and cheap.