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Diana C. Bouchard

The following message was sent to Paprican employees by one of my colleagues, but could also be of use to any A-listers who have Agilent or
HP equipment:

Paprican has many expensive test and analytical instruments from Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent) in its buildings. One group recently had the
disagreeable (and pretty common) experience of having the expensive autosampler on an expensive HP instrument described by Agilent as non-repairable: "we don't carry parts for those any more". By dint of determined looking and good luck someone found a spare integrated circuit
of the right type in a drawer (what are the chances??) and the "unrepairable" autosampler is back in operation.

Turns out that in fact there is a good source of Agilent-HP components -Sphere Research Corporation of Burnaby, BC. They seem to have an amazingly large inventory of specialized HP integrated circuits, transistors, passive
components, mechanical pieces-for very low prices! If you get the old "we don't fix those any more", or "can't git th'parts" line, or simply want to replace a clearly defective part yourself for a minute fraction of Agilent's parts+labour charges, go on the Net, and look up


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