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Oscar P

I have to share a serial port of a ABB protective relay using Spa Bus protocol to be able to access it with 2 o 3 masters. Does somebody know a Spa Bus multiplexer transparent to that protcol?

A chain of ABB protective relays in a substation of the utility I work, has just a single port. All the relays are conected in daisy chain by optical fiber and at the end there is a fiber - serial converter. The protocol used by protections is Spa Bus. I want to find the way of sharing the port to be able to access it from many masters maybe not simultaneously. I need a multiplexer which were transparant to Spa Bus protocol.

Thank you

Michael June Agito

Use an ABB SPA-ZC-22 Bus Connection Module.
It can be used in slave mode if multiple
connection to one secondary device is needed.