specing/buying a less-expensive 150W servo motor/controller


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I'm wondering where I can find a low-cost servo/driver/controller setup for the following application:

I want to build a linear actuator to adjust the distance of my monitors on my desk. I usually sit with them about 6 feet away, but it'd be fun to be able to adjust that, controllable from my computer.

So the spec I'm looking at is a servo to position a 30Kg load over a range of 2 meters. I'd like it to be able to move from end-to-end in at most 2 seconds. According to my rusty physics, that requires about 60 Watts of power, so I figure bumping that to 150W to account for inefficiencies in energy conversion.

I intend to drive this from my computer, but it'd be nice if it also had the ability to function in a standalone mode via an analog input that specified velocity. I'm imagining having a switch on my desk as a 'manual override' that enables a simple throttle level/joystick.

The best pricing I can find so far is around $700:
$400 for the driver/controller from jrkerr.com
$50 for the motor from easymotioncontrol.com
maybe $100 for a power supply, maybe from u.s. digital?
maybe $100 for an encoder from where?

Anyone have recommendations for recommended parts or places to buy them?


Ken Emmons Jr.

Try using DC motor with leadscrew for custom car audio applications. You can get them for about $150 and they should give decent force. Also look
at surplus electronics stores they carry that kind of thing sometimes.