Speed Control of Diesel Engine using PID Controller

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Yogesh Kumar Khurana

Dear Sir,
I am a post graduate student (Thermal and Fluids Engg) in the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, India. My post graduate thesis
is on "Speed Control of Diesel Engine using PID Controller".
I will be grateful, if you kindly send me any material relating to it. Looking forward to a positive response from you.

Yours faithfully,
Yogesh Khurana

Tom Parkhill

Yogesh Khurana:
Good luck on your quest. I would like to read the thesis some time. I am designing in my head a diesel engine driven generator speed control using PLC. Diesel rack position control considered is a 12 volt DC linear actuator, 6 inch stroke, 20 seconds travel. Process variable feedback is (1)shaft pilot generator, 6 volts at 36000 rpm, and (2) mag prox switch on flywheel, 40 tooth, or 60 HZ 5 volt input to D/A. Using two loops. Still struggling with basics.