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Could anyone explain to me the functions of 'speed trim' and 'speed tracking' wrt. a generator governor control.

Referral to a reference would be highly appreciated.

<i>Moderator's note: I think wrt stands for "with respect to."</i>

It would be most helpful if you could provide the name/author/manufacturer of the document where you first encountered these terms. A lot of manufacturers use their own terms for others more widely used in industry.

There are many types of speed control, and it depends on the application (generator drive, or mechanical drive; etc.). I see you mentioned generator governor control; actually, the governor does not control a generator. It controls the amount of energy being supplied to the generator's prime mover in the form of torque, and the generator then converts torque into amps, which is used to power loads such as motors and lights and such.

Most times when you encounter terms like this in documentation you really have to decipher them in the context in which they were being used. So, without understanding the context it's very difficult to try to formulate a response that would be concise and appropriate.

Also, if you could tell us a little about yourself and how to came to be learning about governors, if you're experiencing a problem with a particular governor, or if you're just a student in a controls class/course.
Common usage is ...

Trim: Adjust by a small amount
Track: Follow another value

So "speed trim" would mean you can adjust the speed value slightly to control the machine and "speed tracking" would mean that the speed value is following some other value and you cannot adjust it.