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anand s

Dear all

Could u please tell me what is the difference between MARK V and MARK VI speed tronic control system.

what are the salient features of the each system and merits and demerits of each sytem.

where can I find the answer for this question?


anand s
Dear Mr.Cunningham

Thanks for ur immediate prompt response. I really appreciate ur helpfulness.


anand s

Colin Walker

General Electric Drive Systems, Salem, Virginia, USA should be contacted. Basically, the MKV MMI uses a propriety type of disk operating system
called IDOS and looks very dossey. The MKVI MMI uses Windows NT and has far better connectivity, functionality, monitoring and logging. The MKVI also has more processing power in the controller cores, (I hope that you're familiar with the TMR structure of the controller sections).
Dear Mr. Colin WAlker

Thanks for ur response. Thanks for giving me the basic difference, u have mentioned, between Mark V and Mark VI.

anand s

Dear Mr. Francus

thanks for ur information. If u can share ur experience with Mark V or Mark VI, I would be grateful to u.

anand s