Speedtronic Mark V TCEA Overspeed Card problem


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I need urgently to get your help regarding a DS200TCEA Speedtronic Mark V card. The card was working properly and we got a 24V Supply out of limit alarm on the HMI.

Upon investigating same we found a grilled 100uF cap (C65) and two power resistors burnt. The associated power transistor is not shorted and is assumed ok. Kindly advise regarding the values of these power resistors as it is no longer visible. The resistors are power resistors of 3W capacity,cement,dark brown color, they are both connected in parallel,with one end connected to the -ve terminal of the burnt cap C65.

See pic below of burnt resistors.
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There are three TCEA cards in a Mark V turbine control panel, in the <P> core, in locations 1, 3, and 5. They are (should be) identical with respect to those components.

Have you tried looking at either of the other two TCEA cards to see if you can determine the values of the components?