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D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I acknowledge that the query below is not within the ambits of automation, however can someone please help me, I have been waiting for weeks now to get a price on a jointing kit for a control trailing cable and our traditional suppliers seem to be running around in circles.

We need to join 2 Panzerflex cables with 11 x 2.5mm control pairs and a 400V cable also rubber with 4 cores 70mm. Can someone please point me to an appropriate supplier. Once we have identified the correct supplier I will send accurate details of the cables.

Donald Pittendrigh
Dear Sir,

We are in the field of Power Cable Jointing Kits and we carry a splicing kit for trailing cable. You can contact us by telephone, fax or email or can send details by post.

Fitwell Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Gujarat, India
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