SQL Data to Cloud EMIS


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I've been out of the automation/controls industry for awhile and wondering if my approach on a project is the best approach or if there are better ways to do it now.

Have a project in which we want to connect some existing WAGES metering data to a new cloud based EMIS system. All the data from the plant automation network is stored in a SQL db.

What I would have done in the past is installed a OPC DA server and and a data acquisition server with an FTP push out to the cloud server.

Install the OPC DA server on the local PC with the SQL db then an ethernet connection to an ODBC to ModbusRTU gateway to a data acquisition server that can FTP push the data to the cloud base EMIS server.

Is there a better way to go about this? Is there hardware gateway that can run SQL queries and push the data out to the cloud?

How would I tackle this if I couldn't install the OPC server on the same PC as the SQL db?

Any input, direction, or clarity would be appreciated