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Keith Clendening

I have 3 pump stations that communicate with each other via 2-wire leased lines, which periodically crash. We're converting the RS-422 to RS-232 and transmitting with Motorola modems. Has anyone had problems with this? Thinking about converting the 2-wire to 4-wire leased lines. Any thoughts??

Hunter Farris

NR&D makes leased line modems that are rack mounted for the SquareD PLCs. They work very well. There is no 422 to 232 convertion.

Hunter Farris
Hi Keith,
We have 13 remote stations over a town (2 networks with 10 km of wire). We use rs485. Before protect the devices they crash every time it was a storm in the zone. Then we protect it with a surge protectors and it works fine. We use Phoenix Contact rs485 surge protectors.