Square D SY/MAX 400 SFI-510 Resurrection


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Michael Whiteley

I am in urgent need or raising a Square D PLC from the dead.

It has the SY/MAX 400 processors. The computer that talks with it uses the SY/LINK SFI-510 ISA card. I am looking for additional software/drivers to work with this card.

No one knows anything about it (including me), but I have been charged with its resurrection. It has not worked been used in over 10 years.

The technology is somewhat foreign to me so I feel underqualified to re-write new drivers and the current interface is a less than desirable DOS application. I would prefer to use Linux or Windows.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
If you contact your local SqD representative, they can work with you to get this done. If you'd prefer, please let me know where you are located and I'll have someone contact you directly?

If you want to program the PLC, the only way I know of is the Square D software which runs under DOS. It runs OK under Win95, but not great. All you need for communications is a 232/422 converter (and a serial port on your PC). A company called Niobrara R&D sells an all in one cable that includes the converter in the cable and uses power from the PLC port to run it. You can check it out at www.niobrara.com.

If you only need to read and write registers, then all of the big HMI packages have drivers for Square D (Sy/Max protocol). You can also get an OPC server. If you search at www.softwaretoolbox.com you should find a couple, I know kepware has one. Another option is Niobrara sells cards that will allow you to communicate with the Square D PLCs using Modbus (including Modbus/TCP).

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You may wish to contact Robert Willis with Square D company. He is probably the most well versed Engineer I know on the Symax line. His office phone is 713-465-5580.

Mike Benedetti

If you are still having a problem with this feel free to drop me a line. I have been working with SQD products for over 10 years. Up until about a year ago I worked for the company that put in the PLC controls for the Denver International Airport, no it wasn't as bad as everyone thinks, in any case, the system had over 260 Model 650 SyMax PLCs. There is also some other tools you can use besides resurrecting an old machine like going over Ethernet and so on.

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Mark Woudenberg

The software you are looking for is either SFW375 or the SyMatePlus both which support the SFI510 card.