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Richard Theron - FieldServer

Hi All

Can someone please assist me with the communication interface protocol to the Symax 400 from Square-D? Does the interface require proprietary hardware or just software?


Alan Rimmington

Think interface is RS422, we just used a standard converter bought from an electronic catalogue. Seem to remember the DOS software we used worked on an old Toshiba with Windows 95 but didn't work on my modern (at the time) Compaq with Windows 98 (Software ran but wouldn't communicate). Good luck.

Robert Willis

The SY/MAX family of controllers all have RS422 Serial ports. You will require a RS232 to 422 converter to properly connect to the controller to a personal computer. NOTE: The RS232 to RS422 converter will need to support a four wire RS422 configuration. The pinout for the controller is listed in the SY/MAX Model 400 Instruction Bulletin.

You will then need a driver that speaks the SY/MAX serial protocol in order to extract informaiton from the controller.

If you have any additional questions, please send me a E-Mail with your specific questions.

Robert Willis
Square D Company
Houston, Texas
E-Mail: [email protected]

Jerry Miille

The Symax 400 processors use the SY/Max point-to-point protocol on both of their serial ports. Both ports are RS422. The protocol is described in Square D instruction bulletin #30598-713-01.

Jerry Miille
Miille Applied Research Co., Inc.
Houston, Texas