square wave output generator


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Ryan Rice

I am looking for a signal generator or pulse outpt generator that can be used in an industrial environment. I need at least 500K to 1MHZ output frequency. This needs to be able to put into an industrial machine, and run for 16 hrs. a day almost every day. Any ideas!!

Eligio Palcich

Hi Ryan

You need to fill a few gaps in your request.

What is the application of the squareware generator? What are you attempting to test?


Soft System Sciences
>Curt Wuollet wrote:
>555 IC 2 resistors 1 capacitor.

It makes sense, but it not practical for most integrators. These parts are not going to be found on any customers "approved list". He would also need a power supply, terminals for interconnection, enclosure... It would look way too homemade for most people, IMHO. We must be careful not to oversimplify problems, even if they
are or should be simple.

Bill Sturm

Curt Wuollet

Yes, I see your point, but at $0.50 instead of several hundred dollars minimum, you can often convince people to add it to their APL. I am
keeping a list of all the little gadgets that answer needs in the automation world that need only Industrial packaging. Like a converter
from 4-20ma to 0-10 V, logic inverters, etc. All the gizmos that are trivial in the general electronics world but worth serious money with
compatible packaging, This would be another and adequate for anything you are doing with PLC's. Having looked at the inside of a lot of
automation gear, it ain't nothin special. Margins are fantastic in the automation world. This could finance my free software operations.