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Steven Landau

I have a client asking for SS armor cable and conduit for the construction of a Process Skid. I haven't been able to find the material and fittings necessary. I have found armor cable on thermocouple wire, and specific sensors from instrument manufacturers, but can't find this stuff from the conduit/fitting manufacturers. Any leads would be appreciated. Steve Landau VP Controls & Automation SPEC 92 Montvale Ave Stoneham MA 02180 Office: 781-438-3337 Fax: 603-843-5097 Cell: 617-908-9232 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail to pager: [email protected] (short messages only) ----"THE ENGINEERS WHO BUILD"---- ***************************************************************** YES! You can get digests, or limit messages by topic. See for details. Before posting, please read The Automation List is managed by Inc.


Steven, Armoured cable is used extensively in shipboard applications. Try L.F. Gaubert in New Orleans
Don't know who makes this stuff (if it's in fact what I have in mind - extremely flexible and durable SS armor with a tight bend radius), but it's used quite often in the plastics industry to hook up extrusion dies, and adapter zones. I get mine from a major die manufacturer, but don't know how the pricing stands up against a primary supplier (sometimes, it can be better, because they can pass on price breaks that comes from buying it by the mile). Think they'll stock 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1". Try EDI (Extrusion Dies, Incorporated), (715) 726-1201, and ask for Anne Sedlacek. Their web site is at