SST-9000 Steam turbine


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Has anyone experienced with SST-9000 siemens steam turbine here? I am much astonished to see the steam parameter and the output.

Main steam parameter- 290 Degree C/ 75 Bar
Reheat steam parameter – 277 degree C / 9 Bar
ST power Output is 1700MW.

Can anyone explain, how is has been made?

Thanks in advance.
It is half speed machine used for nuclear applications with wet steam. It has a double flow HP cylinder and up to 3 LP cylinders. Max ouput = 1900MW.
Dhinesh... developed for use with advanced Pressurized-Water-Reactors, it features a double-flow saturated steam HP steam-turbine module and up to three double-flow LP steam-turbine modules!

Disk-rotors are shrunken-on to individual shafts, which are then all coupled together in a single-line with an alternator. The output ranges from 1,000 to 1,900 MW.

Regards, Phil Corso
Thank you to all your replies sir.

In addition i want to know, how HP turbine has been designed? Since it is operating with saturated steam, i guess the turbine may be designed for mixed two phase flow (Wet steam). If so, at what stage they may expect phase transmission Zone (Wilson Zone)? What is the material normally will they prefer for blades? How they are preventing HP turbine Blades from water droplets?