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Matthias Clausen

During the past years I have been working with several control systems. Even systems with equal functionality have different naming scemes for the properties of the records or points in the system. For example the high display value could be called: point_name.HDSP or point_name.HighDisplay or else. I am looking for a standard definition of the properties of this type. I am quite sure that I have seen such a standard mentioned i.e. in the @aGlance package but I have lost track to this product. Is there someone out there who could help to find the DIN/ISO/IEEE standard? In the end I want to create a DTD which will specify these properties. This way a data server can send XML data using the DTD to a 'standard' XML (or SOAP) client without having to translate the data with a style sheet. -> the initial implementation should follow a standard to make it more attractive to use it.

Matthias Clausen

I received an email asking whether I would post a web page collecting all the informations about this topic. - For sure I will do so as soon as I get more input.

Heavner, Lou [FRS/AUS]

Matt, I am not aware of any such standard. I think vendors have pretty much defined the parameters and properties that can be viewed or changed when configuring their specific products. You might try the Foundation Fieldbus organization as they developed objects to represent many of the functions (eg analog input, analog output, PID loop, etc) which are commonly used in process control. Their definitions should be the starting point for FF compliant devices in the future and I believe they include a fairly comprehensive list of params/props. Regards, Lou Heavner Emerson Performance Solutions

Verhappen, Ian

Lou is correct, Foundation Fieldbus, being object oriented defines all the block tag/parameter names. One must be careful however and remember that the specification does not test the algorithms inside each of the blocks. For instance, this means that each manufacturer can use their own PID algorithm inside their FF PID block, which could be a good thing since it gives them something to compete on feature and implementation wise. Ian Syncrude Canada Ltd. PO Bag 4009, MD 0032 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3L1 P 780 790-4079, Cell -799-6017 F 780 799-5190 [email protected]