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EC-Josue Portal Fraga

Dear Sirs:

I am searching for an standard that guides the elaboration, and establishes the contents and the format, of the following documents:

- system specification document
- system requirements document

in order to be applied to instrumentation and control systems (hardware and software), as well as references to any tool that automates the
process of elaboration. Any helps will be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced,

Josue Portal, Computer Systems Engineer
Empresa de Computacion y Telecomunicaciones,
Prado 266, esq. Animas,
CP 10200,
La Habana,

Bruce Durdle


A good place to start, if you can find a copy, is the document on "Programmable Electronic nSystems in SAfety-Related Applications" put out by the UK Healthand Safety Executive in 1987. It includes material related to hardware as well as software, and can be adapted to non-programmable
systems. It includes some very useful check-lists. While nominally aimed at safety systems, its recommendations are good practice.

There is also a document available from the IEE; "Guidelines on the Documentation of Real-Time Programmable Systems" (I think).

Another document, not so approachable, is IEC61508.

Hope this helps,