Standard Pocedure for Trial Run of Diesel Engine in Frame 6


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Please tell me how to take trial run of diesel engine in GE frame 6, Mark V, Gas turbine. Please share standard procedure for same.
control. Com has a 'Search' feature cleverly hidden at the far right of the Menu bar every desktop version webpage. For mobile versions, it can be accessed by clicking on the Menu bar selection and then clicking on 'Search.'

Here's the most recent query about diesel engine testing:

The above link answers the question of how to test the diesel to ensure it will reliably start <b><i>when the turbine is running.</b></i> If you need something other than that, you need to be more specific.
A SSS clutch provides, basically, the same functionality as a jaw clutch (it provides some enhanced functionality, actually). So, if there's any concern about the suggested thread with regard to jaw clutches--there should be none. The logic/sequencing/application code in the Speedtronic turbine control system will not try to close the jaw clutch when the turbine is running and the Diesel Engine Test is selected.

If the Speedtronic turbine control system has an HMI, it should have a display where there is a "button" for enabling and disabling the Diesel Engine Test.

This is the only diesel engine test procedure for a running GE-design heavy duty gas turbine with a diesel engine starting means I am aware of. If the information is not helpful, please explain why it was not helpful and we'll do our best to clarify.