Standard protocol for a LED Display Panel


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Hello, List:

I'm interested in interfacing LED displays with a PLC via a Standard Protocol like Modbus, MB+, Modbus ASCII or something like this to show data
or to generate messages in a packaging production line.

Does anyone know about somebody that produces or sells this kind of displays?


Daniel Rallo
Engineering Department.

EMTE Sistemas, S.A.

B.Van den Berghe

I was also looking for a led display to generate information on a display. I used a LAUER display. Those displays are capable to use different protocols.
mann industries australia manufacture a model mbd400 to suit these applications/ please let us know if you would like to recieve specifications on this modbus unit


Jeff Cullen
[email protected]

Andre' de Bruyn

Hi List + Daniel Rallo Our company manufactures LED displays with standard modbus type protocol. If you require information regarding our products please contact me. Best Regards Andre' de Bruyn [email protected]
I posted this in response to another question try them out Re: RS485 MESSAGE DISPLAY 5/2/2001 14:18, by mike I used to work for a company over here in the UK that specialised in electronic display systems. We used to buy in the equipment from an Irish company called DATA DISPLAY (address below). They can offer RS485 converters (they usually use 232 as a comms medium) and display characters range from 1" to about 12" these are the LED type. if you need an independant view about any other display systems please give me a shout mike Data Display Company Ltd. Deerpark Industrial Estate Ennistymon County Clare Ireland Tel: +353 65 707 2600 Fax: +353 65 707 1311 E-mail: [email protected] URL: Local US office Data Display USA Tel: +1 631 218 2130 E-mail: [email protected]

Omer C. Gokcen

Hi, Daniel, There is a company named Entek Teknik who manufactures LED displays with serial communication capabilities. The protocol they use is Modbus RTU or ASCII. They can also make custom displays of any size and length. Please contact Mr. Hasan Terzioglu at this address: [email protected] Omer C. Gokcen