standards for system integrators


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abraham samson

as SIs, most of the products used in automation projects meet relevant standards - IEC, UL, CSA, etc.

there are standards for some component of the activity e.g. like IEC standard for software review and development but this is only for part of the activity/solution.

but what about the services/deliverable from a system integrator who uses a variety of products to give a turnkey solution - are there any standards of acceptance?

please let me know if there is any accepted international standard used by consultants/customers to conform that the automation equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with up to date international standard (IEC or equivalent to be followed by the SI).

a. samson
Hardware standards are mostly easy to comply with as you imply. There are no 'Standards' for software development, which is a large aspect of integration. There are 'standards' that are only guidelines (eg S88, GAMP etc) but they do not assure conformity in the way that a screw thread standard, for example, does.