Starting a Small Automation Company in Dublin.


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Usman Sanaullah

Dear Friends,

We have been working as a small company providing automation services like plc, vfd, hmi, mcc, ddc, bms panels, some scada systems etc. We mostly take integration in existing system or mostly risky tasks which other bigger companies refuse to take. Now we are thinking to shift to Dublin, since many of our family members live there. But the difficult part is that none of them know anything about automation industry so they can't give us any info on this topic. but we are eager to start a small setup in Dublin as a small company. We have worked with Johnson controls, trane, carrier, honeywell, saudi aramco and many high level professional companies here for more than 15 years in Saudi Arabia. Is it possible to provide us any lead from where can we start our market research?

any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

I would contact Eoin at Readout magazine. It is THE automation resource for Ireland. His public email is [email protected].


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Usman: Walt's suggestion is spot on. Eoin O'Riann is pronounced OH-N O-REEN. You can also contact me.